Our mission is to share your game to the world!

Our company is a professional company that transmits browser game, smart phone app to the whole world. You just concentrate on the game creation. Let us do the localization and infrastructure procurement, promotion, etc.


The knowledge of local culture and poplar style that leads us to give players the most excellent experience.


As thinking highly of player’s feedback and experience,we can make game more attractive.


In widely use of social media, cross-promoting and other promotion means,the growing of player numbers will be exponentially.

Translation Service


Translation system connect developers and translators! It will help you from problems of translation and cost in localization work!

  • It costs time to check the original and translation
  • It is inconvenient to manage version of application
  • It is inconvenient to manage files when update
  • It is difficult to follow the same rule of terms or ending
  • It is difficult to check the translation or technical terms

SunVy translation system will help you to resolve these problems!

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2016/04 01

SunVy home page

SunVy home page is renewed!

2016/03 12

SunVy Poker

Get 'iPad mini' event begin!

2016/01 12

SunVy Poker

Now version of 'SunVy Poker' is now available in App Store!

2016/01 12

SunVy Poker

New version of 'SunVy Poker' is now available in Google Play!

2015/12 11


'NEW・Seawars-SPECIAL-' is released on YAHOO!Mobage !

2015/10 10

Puzzle Princess

Now you can play 'Puzzle Princess' on iPhone!

2015/03 30

Attack on Dragon

Now you can play 'Attack on Dragon' on GMO!

2015/01 22

Attack on Dragon

Now you can play 'Attack on Dragon' on mixi!

2015/01 09

Attack on Dragon

'Attack on Dragon' is now available on YAHOO!Mobage !

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